You Can Help Fix The FPA

Firstly as a constituent you have the rite to speak to your member of parliament. (they work for YOU)

Contact your state PMs office and ask if you can have a chat regarding the "Succession Act / Family Provision Act/ whatever the act is called in your state".

They like most people they have never herd of it and will be surprised that there is such a beast.

This should give you an idea whether they are interested in taking up your case.
If you are lucky and they are part of the government they will have more influence than if they are in opposition.

Send them an email or letter (see the bottom of page) explaining what you see as the problem with the law and how you would like it changed.
They should reply to you correspondence.

There response could be anything from "I love this law, I'm a lawyer and it payed for my BMW" to "I'll get this law fixed and it will be my legacy of my time in Parliament"

Hopefully they will pass your concerns on to the Attorney General.  Once again the response could be anything from "I love this law, I'm a lawyer and it payed for my BMW" to "I'll get this law fixed and it will be my legacy of my time in Parliament".

You will probably get the go away letter " there's nothing to worry about" " we'r working on it" "The courts know what their doing" " thanks for writing"

This is where you point out to your MP that lawyers have spent the last 15 years pontificating over the abuse of this law and apart from some touch ups around the edges the only changes are.

  1. Mediation has been introduced to streamline the over turning of valid wills.
  2. Time limits have been reduced for a claim to be made.
  3. The range of claimants has been expanded.
  4. The number of claims has tripled. (good work !!)

This is not good enough and the politicians need to get involved and clean up the mess that they started in 1930's.  This is a political decision not a legal one, we don't need more "lawyers law" we need an act that reflects community expectations of testamentary freedom.

Use my letter to Chloe Fox and change it to fit your state or download one of the files below and send it to your state member of parliament.

Wills will continue to be overturned until this law is fixed and the only people that can fix it are your politicians write to yours TODAY.

Find your member of parliament here

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