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posted Oct 19, 2009, 10:41 PM by Greg Anastasi   [ updated Jul 7, 2011, 12:29 AM ]

Reply From John Rau "Attorney General" and Chloe Fox

So what does this mean?
Firstly its good that something in happening, but remember the legal profession has been
"investigating" this nationally for 15 years and almost nothing has happened.
John Rau has  asked the Law Society's Probate Committee to review the laws which is great.
My concern is
" The Law Society's principal mission is to represent its members and the legal profession in general."
Does this mean they are qualified to develop policy for the government that reflect community values ?
Another good thing that is happening, although not mentioned in the letter? is that John Rau recently re-started
the South Australian Law Reform Commission and one of its first tasks is to look at will law. Hopefully it wont use
NSW Succession ACT as a guide for reform, the NSW family provision Act as this is a complete debacle.
Hopefully they will use the THE SCOTTISH LAW COMMISSION method and use research into public views
as a basis for reform. This was not done in NSW and the situation got worse (more lawyers law) to the point
where the Supreme Court has made mediation mandatory in an attempt to reduce costs ( not improve justice).

So in short unless we continue to send Mr Rau letters outlining our concerns the process for change will stall
and we can look forward to decades more of injustice.
I encourage you to write to the Attorney-General in support of changes to make the law restrict valid claimant
Partner of the deceased, a dependent of the deceased, non-adult child or a child that 
significantly contributed to the wealth or support of the deceased.
If you are not in SA you should be telling your local MP the same things.  Ideally we should have uniform
national laws, as its a bit of a joke that each state a territory has a different law of wills.

If you are in SA I encourage you to contact your local member or John Rau MP and tell them that you want change
to the Family Provision Act. If you don't no one will.
Below is the letter from John Rau (Attorney-General)

                                                                                                                              Deputy Premier
                                                                                                                              The Hon John Rau MP
3o March,2011

Miss Chloë Fox M.P.								                                      Government
Member for Bright								                                              of South Australia
7 Sturt Road									                                              Deputy Premier
BRIGHTON S.A. 5048								
										                                                      Minister for Justice
										                                                      Minister for Urban Development,
										                                                      Planning and the City of Adelaide
										                                                      Minister for Tourism
                                                                                                                                      Minister for Food Marketing
										                                                      45 Pine Street
										                                                      Adelaide SA 5000
										                                                      GPO Box 464
										                                                      Adelaide SA 5001								

										                                                      Tel 0882071723
										                                                      Fax 0882071736


Dear Chloe

I write in response to your further letter on behalf of your constituent Mr Anastasi about the
Family Provisions Act 1972 (the Act).

I understand that Mr Anastasi objects to the way that the current law is being interpreted and
that he supports reform of the Act.

You may wish to let Mr Anastasi know that I recently asked the Law Society's Probate
Committee to review the laws and provide me with their views about what, if any, provisions
of the Uniform Succession Laws may be appropriately incorporated into South Australian

I will endeavour to keep you informed about the progress of this matter and I apologise for
the delay in providing this response.

Yours sincerely

John Rau
Deputy Premier

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