History of the Act

This page show how the Act came into force and where it lost its way.

The Act was conceived in NZ when they passed the Testator’s Family Maintenance Act in 1900 introduced by Robert McNab..

An interesting fact is that NSW politicians resisted the Act for many years until 1916 when the death of Ezra Norton who was disliked by politicians as his news papers had written many unfaltering story's at there expense.  When he died disinheriting his wife in his will they not only passed the law they back dated the law so that his will could be over turned by the court.  The parliament passed the "Testator’s Family Maintenance Act" 18 September 1916.
It was also convenient to capture the will of  John Norton 

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 2 October 19

SMH 2-10-1903

The Advertiser Tuesday 2 August 1904

The Advertiser Tuesday 2 August 1904